The Chronological Sequence of Bible Prophecy

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Understanding the Bible and Bible Prophecy

Putting the Pieces Together Correctly

March 23, 2009

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"... but the wise shall understand" (Daniel 12:10 KJV)

    Welcome to the Prophecy Tour.  The purpose of this page is to give you a generally chronological tour of the prophetical documents at this site.  Though there will be some overlap in the documents, the general sequence of fulfillment of Bible Prophecy will be presented here.  You'll want to keep a Bible handy.

    An important factor in understanding Bible Prophecy is to understand that the Bible does not include all nations or all time periods throughout history.  Bible Prophecy relates only to certain events specific to the fulfillment of the Redemptive Plan of God in Christ.  Understanding the prophecies in the correct context allows the careful prophecy student to correctly digest the material.  Improper study leads to ridiculous conclusions.  For example, in today's world we have those who identify the United States of America as "Mystery Babylon" and those who identify the United States of America as the "New Israel".  Obviously, both can't be correct.  As we will see from our studies, neither is correct and there are Biblical reasons why.

    Equally as ridiculous and confusing are those who identify the Church as Israel.  Mix all these confusing interpretations in different combinations and you've got a lot of people who misinterpret everything.  The absurdity ranges from JFK being the Antichrist to Jesus returning to Earth in a spaceship hidden in the tail of a comet.  The good prophecy student is always watchful but is careful not to read too much into everyday events.  While raising awareness of Bible Prophecy, the Gulf War was hardly a prophetical event.

- The Bible and Prophecy Tour -

    The Tour begins with the most basic question:  Why should a person study Bible Prophecy?  Let's look:

"Why Study Bible Prophecy?"

     No monkey business here.  The Heavens and the Earth declare His Glory to all humanity:

"The Alpha and Omega"

     On our next stop, we pay a visit to the Tower of Babel located where modern-day Iraq stands.  Here we see mankind's first major ecumenical movement.  The first "United Nations" begins in the same area where today's United Nations waged war on Iraq in 1991:

"Genesis 11:  The Tower of Babel"

     Around 2500 B.C. a Gentile named Abram is called out of Ur of the Chaldees in the Land of Shinar (Iraq again!) to begin God's Redemptive Plan.  Abram becomes Abraham, father of Isaac, who becomes father of Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel.  Around 1400 B.C. God delivers His Ten Commandments to Moses:

"The Ten Commandments"

     Next on the tour is Nebuchadnezzar's Dream as God reveals 5 Gentile kingdoms that rule over the Nation of Israel for the 483 years prior to the Church Age and the final kingdom 7 years after the Church Age.  Once again, Iraq is the location of major prophetical events:

"Nebuchadnezzar's Dream"

     The tour's next stop brings us into the Church Age.  Here we learn the Gospel, the Deity of Christ and the beginnings of the Christian Church.  The Church is the Age of Grace, where God redeems "whosever will" accept Free Salvation in Jesus Christ:

"Parakletos:  A Greek Word for Holy Spirit"

     Therefore God has exalted Him (Jesus Christ) above all in the Heavens and the Earth.  Jesus is truly Lord of all:

"The Bright and Morning Star"

     After the Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ into Heaven, the Church Age shifts into high gear as the Apostles begin to evangelize the world.  The Person responsible for this evangelistic movement is the literal presence of God on Earth, the Holy Spirit.  Here we meet the Third Person of the Trinity, the True Vicar of Christ, albeit unseen, who guides the Church and testifies of Christ:

"The Holy Spirit in Luke - Acts"

     Christ left His Apostles with instructions to expect His imminent return.  Though it has been nearly 2,000 years, the words spoken by Christ provoke His followers to evangelism and fruitful works.  Imminency is Biblically sound teaching:

"The Imminency of Christ's Return"

     The redemption of mankind back to God is the primary purpose of the Church of Christ.  Evangelism is not limited to the Disciples and Church pastors; it is the personal responsibility of every Christian:

"Harvest Time"

     Islam arises approximately 600 years after the Advent of Jesus Christ.  But is the Jesus taught by Islam the Jesus of Christianity?.  No, they are remarkably different portrayals and this article explains the Biblical portrait of Jesus Christ:

"Which Jesus?"

     With the invention of the printing press during the Industrial Revolution in Europe, the writings of the Holy Scriptures as accepted by the early Church fathers are translated into English and shared with the world:

"The King James Bible"

     In the early 1930's, a horrible man, such as the world has never seen before, arises in Germany.  His reign of terror results in a World War that takes the lives of 55 million (55,000,000) people in just 6 short years.  Adolph Hitler's efforts to exterminate the Jew resulted in 6 million deaths to that people.  A foreshadowing of the latter-days Antichrist, Adolph Hitler was an art school dropout who became a ruthless dictator.  Their hope all but lost, God performs a prophetic miracle as He resurrects the Jewish people and National Israel:

"The Valley of the Dry Bones"

     Always the center of attention in daily news around the world, Jerusalem is a problem without resolution.  World leaders try repeatedly to find a compromise that will satisfy all parties involved.  Almighty God has declared the issues surrounding Jerusalem unsolvable, until the Return of His Son, Jesus Christ:

"Jerusalem: God's Cup of Trembling"

     Fast forward now to 1991 as Saddam Hussein is corralled by the United Nations in the Gulf War.  With six months to prepare the attack, the United Nations amasses the largest fighting force since World War II.  Many begin to speculate that this is Armageddon; the end of civilization.  The well-read prophecy student knows it isn't.  Here Dr. George W. Westlake, Jr., a pastor for the Assemblies of God, discusses Armageddon:

"Babylon in Bible Prophecy is Not Iraq"

     The Gulf War raised interest in Bible Prophecy dramatically.  The significance of Iraq, Israel and the rest of the world is explained here.  The Gulf War, while not a major prophetical event, was a wake-up call from God calling the world to carefully consider the "Signs of the Times":

"Iraq, World Events and Armageddon"

     A new Middle East war is on the horizon, as Russia and several rogue Arab and African nations unite together to attack the Nation of Israel.  Seeming to fulfill the prophecy of Armageddon like the Gulf War, this is just another foreshadowing of the real Armageddon, but this time is a major Bible prophecy event:

"The Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel"

     Though it might occur prior to the Gog-Magog war, the Rapture of the Christian Church comes as a snare upon the whole Earth.  The instantaneous disappearance of millions of Christians worldwide sends the world into a panic.  The resulting chaos ushers in the Tribulation Period a short time later:

"The Rapture of the Christian Church"

     The fifth and final Gentile kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream arises and presents to the world a False Messiah of Peace.  This person is the Antichrist and his unholy trinity brings world government to a new level.  His true identity is revealed as he declares himself to be "God" and abominates the Third Temple of God in Jerusalem.  This prophecy alone declares that a Third Temple to God is soon be erected in Jerusalem: 

"The Antichrist Beast of Revelation 13"

     The Apostle John is given a symbolic prophecy of a harlot astride a red beast in Revelation 17 and 18.  An Angel of God reveals to John the Mystery of the Woman on the Beast:  She is an Earthly City:

"The Whore of Babylon"

     During the 7-year Tribulation Period, Two Witnesses of God testify of His Commandments and Prophesy of things to come.  Most of the world doesn't enjoy their message and wishes them be gone.  The Antichrist fulfills their wishes, for after he is assassinated and experiences a false resurrection, he kills the Two Witnesses:

"The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11"

     The Two Witnesses don't stay dead long though; only three and one-half days.  Then they ascend into Heaven in the same manner as Christ did.  With them gone, the Antichrist turns his attention to Israel.  In Revelation 12, God summarizes Satan's persecution of Israel and the followers of her coming True Messiah:

"The Woman, the Great Red Dragon and the Man Child of Revelation 12"

     The final battle on the Earth before the Millennial Reign of Christ will originate in the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Like Adolph Hitler in World War II, the Antichrist will see the extinction of the Jew as mandatory.  Though many will fall when the Antichrist sets up an idol to himself, Israel will rebel in the period known as:

 "The Time of Jacob's Trouble"

     Satan's persecution of Israel reaches its maximum level.  Two-thirds of Israel is slaughtered by the Antichrist's armies during this period.  The remaining one-third, the remnant, flees to the areas of Bozrah and Petra in Jordan to escape the persecution.  The Physical Return of Christ occurs as He rescues the remnant:

"Petra:  Israel's Tribulation Refuge"

     After defeating the unbelieving and rebellious world armies, Jesus Christ sets up His Millennial Reign of Peace.  One thousand years later, after letting Satan loose again (!) the New Jerusalem descends to Earth:

"The New Jerusalem City of Revelation 21"

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